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Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover)

When ordering, you will be prompted to choose a payment method. By selecting “Credit Card”,after the completion of your order, you can go to the server of the system and fill in your credit card data in a safe mode and make a payment.

More information about the payment system:

Payment is made through the authorization server of the payment system in a mode of secure connection, which eliminates the possibility of obtaining the credit card data by third parties.

The authorization server establishes a connection with the Buyer on a secure protocol (SSL) and accepts from the Buyer his credit card parameters (card number, expiration date of the card, cardholder’s name in the transcription, as it appears on the card). Information about the card in a secure form is transmitted only to the authorization server and is not available to Store.

The authorization server 2checkout.comperforms preliminary processing of the data and transmits it to the system’s settlement bank, which checks and upon the test results forms the ban on or permit for the transaction to the card payment system. The Buyer and the Store get an extract from the authorization server.

Payment systems have their own protected SSL-servers for on-line payments and a digital,international certificate of VeriSign, which gives the right to conduct these operations.